Welcome on the page of the student dorm. Here you'll find Information about the student dorm Trippstadt, the network of the dorm, the dorm's council and much more. At the moment we are in an updating phase. You'll find notices at affected passages.

The dorm

A word concerning the second home tax

The second home tax in Kaiserslautern concerns the city Kaiserslautern only, it doesn't concern the dorm in Trippstadt! ;)

Am Judenhübel 15
67705 Trippstadt

10 km away from university, about 10 minutes with a car, bus connection (Line 170) from university, for free with your student identity card.

Housing Space:
64 single apartments

35 two-room apartments (70 positions)

1 three-room apartment (3 positions)

Other Establishments:

Sat-Antenna, possibility for an own telephone connection, INTERNET connection via cable from university, generous parking area cost-free, bycicle stand sheltered, room for washing and drying, common room with football table, television and bar counter, ping-pong table.
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